About Holistically For You

Our Business started in 2010 when we initially offered a range of Holistic Treatments.  In 2012 we decided to launch our Aromatherapy Skin Care Products including Massage Oils, Foot and Hand Balms and more to use on our clients during their treatments.    At the current time we no longer offer Holistic Treatments and decided instead to offer a Select Range of Bath/Shower and Skin Care Holistic Products, we offer a range of Products, most products are available with our without Essential Oils.  Also launched in 2019 we also offer a Bespoke Custom Service for many of our products.


We also offer Workshops (in Holistic Product Making and Paper Crafts).  


Hand Made in Small Batches and compliant to UK/EU Regulations, using 100% Natural Raw Ingredients like Cocoa & Shea butters, Apricot, Calendula, Coconut, Olive, Golden Jojoba and essential oils to create the select range of products.  Plant wax is used in the balms. We use Organic ingredients where we can. Our Products are suitable for Vegans.  We use Nut Oils in some of our products therefore none of our products are suitable if you are allergic to nuts


Essential Oils are from Flowers, Plants, Fruits, Trees, Roots and Grasses.  They are fresh, not artificial.  They can't be created in a lab, the "aroma" from the essential oil can vary because of nature and the conditions where they are grown, ie depending on the weather, the soil, the watering.  When products containing essential oils are applied to the skin they can smell different on different people.  Essential oils are said to have therapeutic properties, whereas fragrance oils are synthetic, they are created in a lab, each bottle of fragrance oil can be created the same, they are not natural.  We do not use Fragrance Oils in our products, only Essential Oils or Fragrance -Free


Our products are for External Use Only.  Not to be used around the eyes, mucous membranes or on broken skin. Our products are not suitable for children under 3 years


Photos are for illustrative purposes and if you are ordering the same they may look different, as everything is hand made.  Also different computer/phone screens can show different colours


Containers.  We use a mix of PET and Glass.  


We are Proud to be a Member of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers, we hold CPSR (which is a legal requirement for everyone who makes Beauty/Skin Care Products within the European Union) for our Products produced by a Chartered Chemist


Please also see our FAQ section