Decadence Aromatherapy Bath Sprinkles with natural Epsom salts, rich in Magnesium, skin softening cocoa butter and a choice of our Aromatherapy blends full of goodness to help revitalise, calm and relax after a long day. Add a handful to a running bath water; swish the water to dissolve the salt and cocoa butter.
Decadence Aromatherapy Bath Sprinkles Relax - Balance - Tranquillity
Therapeutic Mineral Soaks, rich in Magnesium easily absorbed into the skin with a bath soak,reknown for helping to soothe and relax muscular aches. Available in
Mineral Bath Soaks - Rich in Magnesium
Our Range of 6 Aromatherapy Shower Gel/Bath Foam from Relaxing to Invigorating scents, a  two in one product, mild cleansing shower gel or use as a mildly bubbling Bath Foam.  SLS( Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), SLES(Sodium lauryl Ether Sulfate), MIT (methylisothiazolinone)and PARABEN-FREE  100ml (only available with essential oils not Fragrance-Free)
Shower Gel/Bath Foam PARABEN FREE
Unwind Bath Creamers with Lavender Essential Oil.
Unwind Bath Creamers - With Lavender
We have created a set of 4 aromatherapy Mineral Soaks. Each glass jar contains 35g enough for one pamper bath session. Happiness and Muscle Ease both with Therapeutic Epsom Salts, Happiness with Essential Oils of Maychang, Mandarin and Sweet Orange to help uplift.  Muscle Ease with essential oils of Lavender, Cedarwood and Rosemary, great after an active day.. Each set is packaged into floral packaging with a handmade ribbon  and comes with a gift tag for our own message
Happiness, Muscle Ease, Relax & Balance Aromatherapy Mineral Soaks
Unwind & Joy, a mixed Bath Treat Pamper Gift Box with 8 Unwind Bath Creamers with organic cocoa butter and shea butter, Lavender Essential Oil and Lavender buds (a creamer gently fizzes and as they melt release moisturising butters and aromatherary scent of Lavender.
Unwind & Joy Pamper Bath Treats